Mummy of woman in black thong found in Moscow hotel

The mummy of a woman in a black thong was found in a Moscow hotel

Channel Five tells about a scandal with possible tragic overtones – a real mummy of a woman in black thongs was found in a Moscow hotel. The presumed cause of death is a drug overdose. According to the police, the woman was from Tyumen and worked as a webcam model, renting a hotel room for this. The main reason for the scandal is that the body of a woman “in a state of mummification and putrefactive changes” was found in a hotel room, and before this state it had lain there for about 2 weeks – and in front of everyone on a double bed. Which is quite puzzling for the experts.

According to Channel Five, the corpse of a girl in a turquoise bustier and black thong was found by police on the night of January 2 in one of the hotel rooms in the Tagansky district of Moscow. Presumably, she worked as a webcam model, this is indicated by three mobile phones next to the body, a laptop and an action camera. An overdose was declared as the cause of death; narcotic substances, a syringe and eight containers with pharmaceutical preparations were found with the deceased. They also state that the deceased is a native of Tyumen, born in 1988.

Further, the channel develops scandalous details. According to criminologist Mikhail Ignatov, the girl's body had to lie in such a state for at least two weeks before it was found. The question arises – how could it lie in a hotel room for so long. So a member of the expert council of the Federation of Restaurateurs and Hoteliers of Russia, Irina Zhukovska, called for criminal liability for the management and staff of the Moscow hotel in which the deceased was found: “There are rules, there are rules for cleaning, evicting and settling a guest. That is, did she live in a hotel, like on vacation, for 24 days? Of course not, this is from the realm of fantasy! Even when the “Do Not Disturb” sign hangs for the second day, the maid will knock, and if they don’t open it, she will come to the room with the administrator, and they will open it, ”the expert assured. According to her, “this is not just an abnormal hotel, it is a criminal case from beginning to end, starting with the owners and ending with the maid”

Another interesting detail from the same source: “according to the sources of the TV channel , the hotel staff did not know anything about what had happened. In their opinion, the news that a mummy in a thong was found in the room is a common New Year's story. If this happened in reality, then the hotel would raise a fuss,” they say.

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