Mysterious death at the resort: three tourists died in convulsions from an unknown disease

Mysterious death at resort: Three tourists died in convulsions from an unknown disease

Three foreign tourists died at a tropical resort in the Bahamas after fell ill with an unknown disease. Another was airlifted to the hospital in critical condition. Everyone has the same symptoms. According to The Guardian, citing a statement by the Minister of Health of the resort country, the authorities of the Bahamas are investigating the cause of the incident in order to convince travelers that their state does not pose a danger to public health and does not threaten the world with a new outbreak of a strange disease.

Acting Bahamas Prime Minister Chester Cooper said the dead were American tourists. The head of communications at the Prime Minister's Office, Latre L. Raming, tweeted that the travelers had passed away at the 5-star Sandals Emerald Bay Hotel in the Exuma area. The resort is known as an “adults only” getaway with 11 restaurants and a golf course overlooking a secluded stretch of beach that beckons tourists with its turquoise waters and white sand.

Health Secretary Michael Darvill said several hotel guests reported to the clinic on Thursday complaining of nausea and vomiting. They were given treatment and released. However, three were later found dead, and the fourth was hospitalized.

The police and medical departments joined the investigation to make sure that there is no danger to public health in the Atlantic island nation. “We believe that what we see is an isolated case associated with a certain area,” the minister reassured, adding that investigators were conducting a toxicological examination and took blood samples to determine the cause of the disease. “Both showed signs of convulsions,” officials said in a statement. A spokesman for the hotel confirmed the death in a statement to People magazine and said the company is “actively working to support both the investigation and the families of the guests in every way possible.”

Help: The Bahamas is a country located on the archipelago of the same name, north of Cuba and the Caribbean Sea. The largest resorts are located on the northern islands of the archipelago – Grand Bahama and Paradise. Here you can go scuba diving or snorkeling and discover natural attractions such as the huge barrier reef off Andros Island, black corals off Bimini Islands and Thunderball Grotto, where famous James Bond films were filmed.

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