Mystical full moon: crowds of tourists gathered on the popular beach despite a stormy downpour to indulge in crazy fun

Mystical full moon: crowds of tourists gathered on the popular beach despite the storm to indulge in crazy fun

A stormy downpour did not frighten the tourists who gathered on the beach of Haad Rin on the island of Koh Phangan in Thailand for a mystical full moon. On the last full moon of the old year in the European calendar, the Full Moon Party brought together at least 12,000 foreign tourists who came to indulge in crazy fun. The Thai press writes about this, referring to the data of local officials.

As they state in their report, the safety of tourists was ensured by the Koh Phangan police station, tourist police, immigration officers and rescue volunteers. “The party was full of foreign tourists who were not discouraged by adverse weather conditions,” said Vivat Chuenbang, assistant chairman of the Tourism Board of Thailand. According to him, the authorities of the island, in order to attract tourists, have provided support to various entrepreneurs – from hotels and restaurants to face painting sellers and beach bar owners, so that tourists have something to have fun.

“Please help take care of tourists and provide their safety because the incoming tourists will help the economy grow and recover faster,” he added, also stating that the Full Moon Party “in itself is a unique selling point that attracts tourists.”

At the same time, the representative The tourist authorities of the resort added that the figure of 12,000 tourists is good, but not enough. In pre-pandemic times, these moon parties attracted at least 20,000 tourists and “Thailand still has a long way to go before the tourism industry gets back on its feet.”

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