Named 5 European countries with the easiest residence permit

5 European countries named with the easiest residence permit

A residence permit in the European Union provides a number of advantages: a foreign tourist living in an EU country enjoys not only the benefits offered by the state in which he lives, but also those offered by the EU as a bloc. In particular, a resident of any of the EU countries has the right to travel freely throughout the Schengen area, most often even without the need to present documents when crossing the border.

Residing in any of the EU countries usually leads to obtaining EU citizenship in the same country, Schengenvisainfo reported. Once a tourist obtains citizenship, he can move to any other EU country and settle there. Let's list the EU countries in which it is easiest to obtain a residence permit.


There are several ways to become a legal resident in Austria. The country issues a residence permit for family reunification to pupils, students and researchers, skilled workers, and job seekers. These types of permissions are then subdivided into other subcategories. For example, when applying to move to Austria as a skilled worker, you may meet one of the following conditions:

  1. Highly skilled workers
  2. Skilled workers in scarce occupations
  3. Other key people
  4. Students graduated from Austrian universities and colleges
  5. Self-employed key people
  6. Startup founders

One of the main requirements for obtaining a residence permit in Austria is proof that the tourist earns enough money. If the resident lives alone, he needs to show evidence that he earns 1'030.49 euros per month (more than 55 thousand rubles at the exchange rate at the end of June), while if living in a couple, this amount for both of them will increase to 1' 625.71 euros (more than 87 thousand rubles). An additional amount of EUR 159 (RUB 8’500) will be charged for each child.

However, the easiest way to become an Austrian resident is by investment. All persons who speak German at A1 level, who have full health insurance and liquid funds in a bank account in the amount of at least 40'000 euros (2.1 million rubles), the amount of which depends on the size of the applicant's family, are eligible to become residents of Austria under this route. The applicant must also provide evidence of residential property, which may be owned or rented.

The processing period varies from one month to three. The residence permit is issued for one year and must be renewed every year. When a new resident intends to renew his residence permit in Austria, he must ensure that the conditions listed above are still met. The disadvantage of this program is that the annual quota for those eligible for the benefit is around 300 people.


This is a popular tourist destination is well known to Russians for its Golden Visa program, which grants qualified foreigners residence permits in the country within 60 days of application. However, it is worth remembering that Greece has temporarily stopped issuing visas for investments to Russian citizens.

However, consider the conditions for obtaining a “golden visa”. There are several types of investments that foreigners can make to qualify for this program. Among them:

  1. Purchase of real estate worth at least 250'000 euros (14.2 million rubles).
  2. Minimum investment of 400'000 euros (22.7 million rubles) to a company registered in Greece.
  3. Minimum investment of 400'000 euros (22.7 million rubles) in a real estate investment company that will invest exclusively in Greece.
  4. Purchase of Greek government bonds with a minimum purchase price of 400'000 euros (22.7 million RUB) and a residual maturity of at least three years
  5. at the date of purchase.
  6. A term deposit of a minimum amount of EUR 400,000 (RUB 22.7 million) with a domestic credit institution for a term at least a year with a standing renewal mandate.

There are many other ways to obtain a residence permit in Greece, including employment in various fields, students, researchers, vocational training, volunteer work, family reunification, etc.

Italy< /p>

Another previously extremely popular destination among Russian tourists, where foreign citizens can obtain citizenship after ten years of legal stay in the country. The easiest way to become a resident of Italy is to invest a certain amount of money in this country. A Russian can invest a minimum of 2 million euros in Italian government bonds, a minimum of 500,000 euros (28.4 million rubles) in Italian stocks, or a minimum of 1 million euros in projects of public interest in Italy, such as culture, education, ecology, immigration management , research and development, art and heritage.

There are other ways to obtain a residence permit in Italy. For example, through work, study and family reunification, as well as seasonal work for six to nine months.


Spain is one of the most sought-after investment destinations among foreign tourists, including Russians, as the country attracts foreign investors with its beautiful beaches, hot weather and rich history. A residence permit in Spain can be obtained by purchasing a property worth at least 500'000 euros (28.4 million rubles), creating a business that is recognized as “general interest” for Spain, bank deposits of at least 1 million euros in Spanish financial institutions or investment in government bonds worth at least 2 million euros.

Another way to settle in this country is to get an unprofitable resident visa, which is issued to those who have an annual income of at least 25,560 euros (1.45 million RUB) plus EUR 6,390 (RUB 363,000) for each additional family member. Other residence permits are also available. For example, for employment, family reunification, study, etc.

Spain also offers its tourists the opportunity to become Spanish citizens through naturalization after ten years of legal residence in the country. Citizens of certain specific countries – the Philippines, Andorra, Spanish American countries, Equatorial Guinea, Portugal, as well as persons of Sephardic Jewish origin – are eligible for citizenship after two years of legal residence.



The easiest way to become a permanent resident of resort Cyprus is also through investment in the country. The purchase of new real estate with a total market value of at least 300,000 euros (more than 17 million rubles) plus VAT is enough for a tourist to meet the first criteria to become a legal resident of Cyprus through the so-called Golden Visa.

< p>Those who do not wish to purchase a property can either invest €300,000 in a physical company registered and operating in Cyprus, employing at least five people, or investing shares of the same amount in a collective investment of the Cyprus Investment Funds Association.< br/>The applicant must also have an annual income of at least 30'000 euros (1.7 million rubles), which may come from wages, rent, pensions, etc. Foreigners can also become residents of Cyprus in other ways, including by applying for a residence permit for employment, study or family reunification.


Portugal is famous not only for its beautiful scenery, warm weather and blue waters, but also for its low crime rate and relatively affordable cost of living. Foreigners, including Russians, can obtain a residence permit in Portugal through two types of investments – capital transfer or real estate purchase. Below are some of the investments:

  1. At least €5 million transfer of capital to a bank account in Portugal or an approved investment.
  2. 500'000 euros (28.4 million rubles) for research activities of public or private organizations that are part of the national scientific and technical system – 400'000 euros (22.7 million rubles) in an area with low population density.
  3. €250,000 (RUB 14.2 million) to support artistic creation or to restore or maintain national cultural heritage – €200,000 (RUB 11.3 million) in a low-density area.

Regarding the purchase of real estate, the minimum amounts to be invested are as follows:

  1. Minimum purchase of €500,000 (28.4 million RUB) property – €400,000 (22.7 million RUB) in a low-density area
  2. Minimum €350,000 (19.9 million RUB) ) when buying real estate for the renovation of residential properties over 30 years old or in an urban regeneration area, including renovation costs – 280'000 euros (15.9 million rubles) in a low-density area.

Other ways to benefit from Portugal's residence permit program through investment is to open a business there that will create at least ten new jobs, eight of them in a low-density area, or invest 500,000 euros (28.4 million rubles). .) to the registration or expansion of the share capital of a company registered in Portugal, the creation or maintenance of at least five permanent jobs within three years.

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