Named 5 food habits of Italians that surprise Russian tourists

5 food habits of Italians that surprise Russian tourists named

Five amazing food habits of Italians were named for tourists in her Yandex.Zen channel by a blogger living in Italy. It is worth noting that if some of them just violate the stereotypical ideas about “Italian cuisine”, compiled according to Russian restaurants, then the other part of them can complicate the life of a tourist.

“Food in Italy occupies some incredibly important place in the life of every Italian, you can talk about it for hours, which, you see, is a bit strange for us. Italians live in the firm belief that certain rules about food simply cannot be broken!” – the blogger writes. She goes on to give five examples of these “eating habits.”

  1. No afternoon cappuccino. In general, all types of coffee with milk in Italy are drunk only in the first half of the day, because, according to the blogger, Italians are convinced that after 12, milk is poorly digested – and generally poorly digested – and are surprised: “Are you really going to order a cappuccino after such a hearty meal?!”
  2. Seafood and cheese are a bad combination: pasta with shrimp, to which cheese is added, typical of the “Italian cuisine” of Russian “production”, cannot be found in Italy. Pasta is taken seriously here, each sauce has its own type of pasta, and most importantly, cheese and seafood are considered an extremely bad combo. “Cheese, according to Italians, covers the taste of seafood,” writes the blogger.
  3. Pasta with chicken? Forget: another “Italian dish” that does not appear on the Italian table is pasta with chicken, as well as pizza. “Italians are just not used to such combinations,” the blogger assures.
  4. Eating on a schedule: this “phenomenon” can disappoint a tourist, especially traveling off the beaten tourist paths. Italians don't care what time they eat. The blogger quotes his Italian friend: “I don’t understand you Russians… it feels like you don’t care what time it is.” This can become a problem for a tourist, since restaurants often adhere to the “food regime”, opening only for lunch or dinner, and “intercepting” something in the process outside the tourist trails is only fast food or a supermarket.
  5. “But there are apparently no strict rules regarding when to drink in Italy,” the blogger quotes the fifth feature. Starting the morning with Aperol around 11? – Italians answer like this: “If their body is used to drinking at this time, then everything is fine.”

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