Named 5 tips to get extra legroom on flights at no extra charge

5 tips for getting extra legroom on flights without paying extra

five tips for travelers on how to get extra legroom on flights at no extra charge. Not all of them work with a 100% guarantee, but it’s worth it for tourists to keep them in mind.

So, the tips voiced are as follows:

  1. Avoid early check-in: Seats with free legroom are usually in the paid category and are more expensive, so sometimes they remain unoccupied. By registering in the last rows there is a chance to get them for free. The method, however, is more suitable for passengers traveling alone or ready to fly in different places.
  2. Frequent Flyer Rewards Programs: A way for frequent flyers with the same airline. As a rule, they have bonuses for regular customers. For some, this includes not only accelerated boarding and extra carry-on luggage, but also free provision of more comfortable seats.
  3. Seats in the front row: this is primarily a way for long-haul flights, where there are partitions between the cabins. The seats immediately behind them face a blank wall but often have extra legroom. They don't always charge extra. True, there is a nuance – very often the airline also puts passengers with small children in these seats.
  4. Middle row: a life hack for flying in pairs – you can take a chance and book a seat at the window and at the aisle at the same time – chances are the seat will be in the middle free. True, there is a risk that the flight will be booked “overwhelmed” – and you will have to ask a stranger if he is ready to switch places.
  5. Notifications: finally, the most effective way is applications and websites that can tell you when there is a good place. Special hobbyists can ask at the check-in desk or even in the cabin of the liner if there are any empty seats with more legroom.

By the way, to add one more note to these life hacks: as a rule, there is more free space for legs – at the seats in front of the emergency exit, where there are slightly more requirements for passengers. In particular, remove all hand luggage.

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