Named cities in Europe, where hotels have risen in price the most

Cities in Europe where hotel prices have risen the most

Hotels in the German capital, as well as in such tourist favorites as Barcelona and Paris, showed the largest increase in average prices this year. Such data is presented in an analysis conducted by travel management company TravelPerk. The reasons for the rise in prices are one positive and one negative. The good news is that most countries have lifted covid restrictions and tourists are trying to catch up. The downside is that hotels are experiencing the same economic and fuel crisis and a shortage of workers as the entire European tourism industry.

In numbers, the data are as follows. In Barcelona, ​​the average prices have increased by almost half – by 48% and amounted to 153 euros. In Berlin and Paris, the increase was 38%, with prices rising to 130 and 198 euros respectively.

“This increase is due to external factors that the entire tourism industry has to contend with, including increased fuel costs, labor shortages and disruptions in the global economy. However, it is also true that hoteliers are seeing a surge in demand and are looking to make up for revenue lost during the pandemic,” the survey authors said.

By the way, according to TravelPerk, London and Amsterdam, they have earned the first place in the ranking of the most booked European capitals. Hotel prices there rose a little less – in London by 22% to 200 euros, and in Amsterdam by 36% to 184 euros.

At the same time, according to experts, overseas price increases are even higher. In Chicago, hotels have risen in price by 77%, in Boston by 63%, and in New York by 49%. In terms of flights, the flights between Berlin and London saw the biggest price increase.

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