Named cities where Russians like to take a business class on an airplane

Cities where Russians like to take business class on an airplane

The answer to the question of where and from where Russians like to take a business class on an airplane, which was given by the OneTwoTrip service, turned out to be very unusual. Service experts found out, for example, that most often the business class is chosen not by Muscovites at all, but by residents of Siberia and the Far East, the Sochi resort is in the top five in popularity among “business” tourists, but only in fifth place. And on foreign flights, although the rating was headed by Europe, to be precise, the Cypriot resort of Larnaca, they mostly fly in business class to the UAE, Turkey and Egypt.

In numbers it looks like this. As for foreign flights, business class was most often chosen by tourists from Magnitogorsk – their share was 2.78%, followed by Primorye “represented” by Vladivostok 2.56% and Eastern Siberia, more precisely Ulan-Ude 2.37% . They also flew abroad on business from Moscow (1.55%), Arkhangelsk (1.28%), St. Petersburg (1.27%), Naberezhnye Chelny (0.87%), Kazan (0.85%), Novy Urengoy (0.58% and Makhachkala (0.57%). That is, the first were not travelers from Moscow, and St. Petersburg did not even enter the top 5. However, interestingly, the top main flights included flights from Moscow – apparently foreign travelers did not start from the capital.

As for preferences by departure city, the rating is as follows:

  1. Moscow – Larnaca (Cyprus), the share of the total number of orders was 5.18%.
  2. Moscow – Dubai 5, 12% of bookings,
  3. Moscow-Hurghada 3.67%,
  4. Moscow-Bodrum 3.41%,
  5. Moscow-Bangkok 3.31%,< /li>
  6. St. Petersburg – Dubai 3.23%;
  7. Moscow – London 3.21%,
  8. Moscow – Cairo 3.14%,
  9. Moscow-Tbilisi 3%,
  10. St. Petersburg-Tbilisi 2.97%.

“In Russia, in business class, customers of the service in most cases flew from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky: 1.5% of air orders were issued from here. Another 1.35% of passengers departed from Gorno-Altaisk, and 1.20% from Vladivostok. In addition, the list of cities from which flights were most often carried out on business included Salekhard (1.18%), Neryungri (1.03%), Magadan (0.94%) and Khabarovsk (0.94%). The top 10 is closed by Novokuznetsk (0.85%), Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk (0.72%) and Ukhta (0.59%),” the experts said.

According to them, domestic flights have For those traveling in business class, flights from Irkutsk to Moscow were in the greatest demand: the share of flights in the direction was 0.50%, and another 0.47% of bookings fell on the same route in the opposite direction. The third line with a share of 0.45% was occupied by the Moscow-Krasnoyarsk direction. Flights from the capitals to Sochi close the top five: the share of business class departures from Moscow was 0.35%, and from St. Petersburg – 0.33%.

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