Named countries that will soon cancel visas for Russians

Countries that will soon abolish visas for Russians have been named

Negotiations on the abolition or simplification of the visa regime of Russia with a whole list of countries continue: as Ivan Volynkin, director of the consular department of the Foreign Ministry, specified, negotiations are currently underway with 18 states. Not everyone was named a diplomat, but the emphasis, expectedly and for obvious reasons, was placed on non-European states, first of all, these are the countries of Latin America, the Caribbean and Asia. Including – and with a clear emphasis on the tourism component, Mr. Volynkin directly noted.

“The Russian Foreign Ministry is constantly working to simplify the visa regime with foreign states – currently there are about 18 countries” – commented the diplomat. According to him, negotiations are underway with some countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, as well as with Malaysia, China and Hong Kong.

Moreover, the emphasis is on the tourism component – both inbound and outbound. “A draft bilateral intergovernmental agreement on the mutual abolition of visa requirements is at the stage of coordination with the Malaysian authorities. Work is underway with Chinese partners through Rostourism to improve a bilateral agreement on visa-free group tourist trips. The issue of increasing the period of visa-free trips for citizens is also being worked out with the Hong Kong side,” the head of the consular service told the details.

He also added that issues of expanding the Russian consular presence, including the opening of new consulates general, are being actively worked out, in friendly states, including tourist ones. This is particularly the Maldives. It is also planned to open a Russian consulate in the Mexican resort of Cancun.

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