Named countries where Russians will mainly travel in the next six months

The countries where Russians will mainly travel in the next six months have been named

While some countries, mainly European ones, will be seriously affected by the lack of Russian tourists this summer season, some, on the contrary, are counting on serious demand from Russians. Several countries where Russians will mainly travel in the next six months have been identified by the Turkish travel media. Turkey is expected to “lead” them.

Recall that anti-Russian sanctions will undermine the well-being of at least five resort countries in Europe. This applies to Cyprus, but Italy, France, Montenegro and the Czech Republic will also suffer very strongly this summer. The Telegraph columnist Nick Squires said that in Cyprus the tourism industry makes up about a quarter of the economy, and the Russian market has been in first or second place for many years. The island will be visited by 800 thousand tourists less than planned. According to the expert, losses could reach up to $520 million. To avoid them, the Cyprus Hotel Association is trying to attract tourists from alternative markets, in particular from the UK, France, Germany and Israel. Read more at this link.

“Turkey is the tourism sector most dependent on Russian tourists, but analysts stressed that, according to calculations made taking into account regular flights from Russia for the next six months, as of February 24, Turkey will become the country with the largest number of flights from Russia,” Turkish media write. . As a result, about two million Russian tourists can come to Turkey, which does not close its airspace.

Also, Russian tourists will go to Uzbekistan, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Egypt. These countries are also considered “dependent” on Russian tourists and are not ready to give them up due to sanctions.

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