Named destinations where Russians buy New Year's tours, even despite rising prices

Destinations where Russians buy New Year's tours are named, even despite the price increase

According to the publication, “despite the rise in prices in Russia up to 70%”, the demand for tours at the end of the year is higher than last year. It further cites data from tour operator Tez Tour that shows demand for tours at the start of the year is 30% higher this year. As the publication adds, the market average cost of a weekly vacation in a 4- or 5-star hotel ranges from 165 to 451 thousand rubles. The most expensive tours are to the Maldives, the cheapest to Turkey.

As for the distribution of demand, according to Intourist, the first 27.5% of sales are for tours in Russia. Turkey is in second place – another 26% chose it. Followed by Egypt, Abkhazia and Venezuela, they were chosen by 12 to 15%. Turkey and the United Arab Emirates took first place at Anex Tour.

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