Named the 5 best hotels in Turkey, where the Turks themselves prefer to relax

The 5 best hotels in Turkey where the Turks themselves prefer to rest

Five hotels where the Turks themselves have a rest, or at least dream of having a rest, presented on her channel Yandex.Zen is a Russian blogger who has been living in Turkey for several years. According to her, true connoisseurs of relaxation advised her “the most luxurious places” located both in resorts and in Istanbul.

“By the way, when I looked at these hotels on booking, there were no empty rooms in the near future It was. Coincidence? I don’t think,” the blogger said, opening the presentation of this five:

  1. The St. Regis Istanbul: Turkish sources of the blogger called “the lowest prices among competitors with the same service” one of the advantages of the hotel. Also, especially for the Russians, they added that the staff is fluent in foreign languages, so there will be no problems with communication. “Breakfast will be a nice bonus for guests, as it is already included in the room price,” the blogger added.
  2. The Bodrum by Paramount Hotels & Resorts – 5-star hotel in Bodrum is perfect for those who are going to relax with the family. For children, there is a water park, the hotel has all the “children's” infrastructure. Local residents, as well as those who have “related”, add that it is convenient to travel to the hotel by car – it has its own large free parking.
  3. Ic Hotels Residence Hotel is the best hotel for those who want to relax in almost their own villa – they are here more than 50. Breakfast, concierge and mini-bars in each room are included.
  4. Club Prive by Rixos Belek – friends recommend this place for those who want an elite atmosphere combined with a “heavy life” with a large number of establishments near the hotel.< /li>
  5. Lujo Hotel A`la Carte All Inclusive – on the contrary, this place is advised to lovers of secluded relaxation. The hotel is located in the Turkish village of Guvercinlik, just 26 kilometers from Bodrum. The hotel itself has all the amenities for tourists – a spa, water park, beaches and a swimming pool. “Outside” peace and quiet.

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