Named the date when China will open for tourism

The date has been announced when China will open for tourism

The “China factor,” which could change the balance of global and Russian tourism, may return as early as the summer season of 2023. At the very least, according to Reuters, China intends to announce new measures to further ease some of the measures to combat COVID-19 already. on Wednesday, December 7, and by the end of the winter season, by the time the seasonal flu ends, it may open for full-fledged international tourism, both with entry and exit.

At the same time, radical changes are not expected in December – the response, including to protests, was only a minimal easing of quarantine rules. Which is mainly expressed in the fact that they “close” not entire city blocks, but individual houses and residential complexes. It should be noted that this also applies to large cities such as Guangzhou and even Beijing.

However, “public fatigue from the lack of easing on COVID-19 is growing,” the agency assures, and the economy is seriously suffering from restrictions. Also cited as measures is expanding vaccination and revaccination.

“Many, especially in big cities, frustrated by the inconvenience, uncertainty, economic loss, and travel restrictions that come with COVID-zero practices, would welcome an end to lockdowns,” also the agency assures.

For the time being, the forecast is that future relaxations will remain insignificant for the time being. International flights will remain at the lowest level from pre-pandemic levels, with arrivals still facing an eight-day quarantine. However, there is a chance for significant change in March or April, after the winter flu season and the annual session of Parliament, which usually begins on March 5.

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