Named the date when in Thailand there will be a shortage of places in hotels: Russian tourists will be replaced by another nation

The date has been announced when there will be a shortage of places in hotels in Thailand: another nation will press Russian tourists

At the end of January 2023, Russian tourists are at risk of running out of places in hotels in Thailand. According to the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), by this time – that is, by the Chinese New Year – China will lift covid restrictions and the Chinese will flood into Thailand with all the might of pent-up demand and their gigantic potential.

According to the Bangkok Post, the head of the TAT, Yutasak Supasorn, expressed confidence that from the Chinese New Year, China will allow its citizens to travel outside the country. True, to what extent and where is still unclear, but the head of the TAT expressed the hope that Thailand would be included in the list of “permitted countries”.

He also recalled that in 2023 Thailand plans to attract 20 million tourists, in two times more than this year. But that's not counting Chinese tourists. It is planned to earn at least 80% of the results of the “pre-Covid” 2019, which amounted to 3 million baht, on tourism.

At the same time, Thailand plans to rely on Asian tourists, including ASEAN countries. As for the US and Europe, the forecast is not so optimistic there – the expected recession will “drop” tourism. The head of the TAT did not touch upon the forecasts about Russia.

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