Named the date when prices for flights from Russia abroad will fall

The date has been announced when airfare from Russia will drop abroad

Ticket aggregators of booking systems issue blank pages for direct flights from Moscow to the UAE, Turkey and Kazakhstan until the end of September. According to ATOR vice-president for outbound tourism and head of Space Travel tour operator Artur Muradyan, at the moment demand is at its peak due to the hype and shortage of flights, it is useless to wait for adequate prices and free tickets in the coming September dates. Prices for air tickets from Russia abroad will begin to fall at the beginning of next month and will return to normal after October 15.

On Saturday, October 1, flights from Moscow to Dubai are available to tourists for less money. On this date, there are still no tickets for direct flights, but connecting flights can be purchased for 65,300 rubles per person and one way. There are flights to Istanbul on October 1 with two connections. In this case, the cost of a complex flight will be 76,200 rubles one way per person. Since October, direct flights are also available in the search, but the price tag is prohibitive – 451,900 rubles per tourist one way.

“However, from October 15, the tariffs come back to the final rate. For a flight on the route Moscow – Istanbul, Aeroflot asks 33,200 rubles per person one way, and from Moscow to Dubai on October 15, the same airline can take you for 72,500 rubles, ”the publication explained.

< p>By the middle of next month, tariffs for a number of one-way lines per person will be reduced:

  • Moscow – Tashkent: the cost of an air ticket is 17,200 rubles.
  • Moscow – Yerevan : the price of the flight is 15'700 rubles.
  • Moscow – Almaty: the cost of a seat on a direct flight will be 26'500 rubles, with a transfer – 11'900 rubles.

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