Named the date when Russian tourists will be able to travel to China

The date has been announced when Russian tourists will be able to travel to China

China for Russian tourists may open after the Chinese New Year, that is, after January 22. This is how Dmitry Gorin, vice-president of the Russian Union of Travel Industry, assessed the situation in an interview with The return of the Chinese is not predicted yet, but there is a chance – or risk – that it will take place by the summer season. At the same time, countries where the number of flights from China has already increased, in particular Thailand, are appreciably afraid of this “gift of fate”.

Recall that on January 8, China opened its borders and lifted the “entry” quarantine. However, tourist visas are not yet issued. As the expert clarified, at the moment, visiting China is possible only for citizens with a residence permit, Chinese citizenship, a permanent place of work or study, as well as businessmen. “If the epidemiological situation further stabilizes after the Chinese New Year, the rules for entering China may be revised,” Mr. Gorin predicted. Tourist flights are also open.

“Chinese tourists are expected in Russia, just as Russians are expected in China, especially on Hainan Island. It was a very popular destination before the coronavirus pandemic. After the start of issuing tourist visas, the number of flights will increase many times over, and we hope that it will recover to the pre-pandemic level,” added Mr. Gorin.

Recall that, on the one hand, the prospects for tours to China in Russia were received with enthusiasm. “People will just rush,” this is how they assessed the prospects for sales of tours to China on a “regional” scale – we are talking about Primorye. And sales of tours to China have already begun – despite the fact that there is still no official issuance of tourist visas. Read the details at this link.

On the other hand, many countries are very wary of the oncoming tourist flow – that is, the return of tourists from China, for example, Thailand generally tried to return anti-COVID measures, but quickly “gave back (read more here). The reason for this is that the real outbreak of covid in China is due to the sterility of the local residents after long lockdowns. Those. all countries fear the importation of new strains. For Russia, however, the problem of the uselessness of Chinese tourists for the economy due to the Chinese tourist mafia remains more relevant.

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