Named the dirtiest thing in hotel rooms, and it's not in the toilet

The dirtiest item in hotel rooms has been named, and it's not in the toilet at all

The dirtiest item in a hotel room, with which you can even remember the “covid” rules about sanitizers, and those who wish, about gloves, was named by a tourism expert for the DailyStar publication. He warned all tourists that most of them in a hotel room would touch this item “without thinking” – and this is risky. The most curious thing is that this object is not at all in the toilet, as most people thought.

So, the dirtiest place in a hotel room is the TV remote. “Upon arrival from the airport, hotel rooms may seem clean, but there are a few items and areas that can be considered dirty and are known to contain harmful bacteria and germs. The first one is the TV remote control. It is often touched by various guests, and it is rarely disinfected,” the expert assured.

He recommends dealing with this with the methods remembered about “covid safety”: wipe the remote control with antiseptic wipes or put a plastic bag on the remote control. Those who wish can take it with gloves.

Another item that is usually not cleaned between tourists is the telephone in the room. So it is also recommended to wipe it well before touching it and wash your hands immediately after use. It is good to use the speakerphone so as not to touch their face, the British expert assured.

Another risky thing is the glasses in the room. It is not at all a fact that they were thoroughly washed after previous tourists. However, if they are “completely sealed”, then you can believe in their safety.

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