Named the main directions of travel from Russia in 2022, as well as airfare prices

The main directions of travel from Russia in 2022, as well as airfare prices, have been named

The share of foreign destinations in the outgoing 2022 in the purchase of air tickets was 14%, the directions of the near abroad are in the lead, as well as Turkey, which also remained in the top of independent sales, although air tickets there almost doubled in price. However, tickets to Europe, for obvious reasons, have risen in price even more. Such statistics were presented by Tutu travel service experts, summing up the preliminary results of 2022.

According to service analysts, independent travelers accounted for about 86% of demand for domestic destinations, while a year ago the figure was even higher – 92.6 %. Accordingly, the share of foreign destinations was about 14%.

The main demand from independent travelers flying abroad fell on neighboring countries. At the same time, their average bill for the year increased by 8%, to non-CIS countries – by 74%, to Europe – by 92%. The reason is connected primarily with sanctions, prohibitions and their circumvention. At the same time, new low-cost airlines and charter foreign airlines entered the Russian market this year, including Fly Arna (Armenia), Qanot Sharq (Uzbekistan), Air Arabia Abu Dhabi (UAE), SouthWind Airlines (Turkey).

The most popular are obviously not very tourist destinations of the near abroad – such as Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan, although the latter has gained its popularity associated with “card” tourism. Also popular are Armenia and Azerbaijan, which already have some tourism potential.

Turkey is traditionally popular among long-haul destinations, even in the independent travel segment, it accounts for about 8% of demand for the second year in a row. And this is despite the fact that tickets there have almost doubled in price, or 91%, from 21 thousand rubles. up to 40 thousand rubles Also among the warm destinations in the top 20 in 2022 were, for example, the United Arab Emirates (up by 44%, to almost 72 thousand rubles), Egypt (+ 14% to 43 thousand), Thailand (+ 78%, to almost 90 thousand), Vietnam, Israel (+87%, up to 62 thousand).

Average checks for flights to Italy (+163%), Spain (+148) grew the most among the top 20 countries %) and Germany (+112%), since you have to get there by “complex” routes.

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