Named the main risks for Russian tourists

The main risks are named risks for Russian tourists

The main risks for Russian tourists on trips are diseases and injuries, and most often tourists catch colds and also suffer from gastrointestinal problems. This was reported to “TURPROM” in the press service of the “Consent” insurance company. According to their estimates, diseases and injuries account for the majority of insured events under the policies of those traveling abroad.

“The most common reasons for visiting doctors while traveling are colds and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. For example, the share of the first in Turkey accounts for 41% of applications, in Egypt – almost 50%,” the press service of the insurer said. According to them, similar data are recorded in other directions. From 22.5% to 30.5% of tourists in different countries complain of indigestion – so much so that they have to resort to the help of a doctor. The reason, according to the expert, is mainly a sharp change in climate and nutrition; the abuse of air conditioners in different countries also provokes a cold.

Tourists also complained about diseases of the cardiovascular system – from 13 to 17%. The next most common cause of disease is injury: from 7 to 12%. up to 2% developed problems with toothache, as well as allergies after contact with marine life, such as poisonous jellyfish and injuries due to “unfortunate encounters with reptiles, monkeys, dogs and other animals.” The same amount – 2% – was scored by the covid, which is coming off the agenda.

Insurers also said that the total insurance payments of Soglasie in 2022 on travel policies amounted to almost 258 million rubles. And the most expensive case was the injury of a tourist in the United Arab Emirates. “As a result of an accidental fall, an elderly woman was diagnosed with a closed fracture of the pelvic bones, the patient was provided with medical care at the clinic, however, for further treatment and rehabilitation, she needed to be transported in a lying position on a stretcher module in compliance with all conditions that are necessary for passengers with limited mobility. The insurer's expenses exceeded 2.3 million rubles,” Soglasiya explained.

Experts also recommended that tourists not forget to pack a first aid kit, which will contain the usual drugs and first aid for colds and gastrointestinal diseases. tract, as well as several types of adhesive plaster, iodine or brilliant green for the treatment of minor wounds and abrasions. It is especially important to have familiar medicines on hand throughout the trip for people who are diagnosed with diabetes mellitus, arterial hypertension and other chronic diseases that require constant pill intake, since it is a big problem to get the usual medicine without a prescription in many countries.

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