Named the most budgetary destinations for holidays in August

The most budgetary destinations for holidays in August have been named

Most – or 95% of all tours sold in August are in only 5 countries, while only in two of them tours cost less than 100 thousand rubles – and one of these countries is Russia. And we are talking about the minimum prices for package tours for 10 nights with a flight from Moscow for two adults. Such statistics were presented by ATOR experts.

Of the outbound destinations, as expected, Turkey is in the lead – although it is not among the cheapest, which accounts for almost 60% of bookings. Also among the countries are Egypt, Abkhazia and the United Arab Emirates. “If in mid-July tours for 10 nights with flights and meals were cheaper than 100 thousand rubles for two, you could buy four countries, then in early August – only two – these are Abkhazia and Russia. The cheapest tours to Turkey and the UAE cost more than 100,000 for two in August,” ATOR analysts said.

A tour for 10 nights in Abkhazia at the beginning of August will cost 60.8 thousand rubles. for two. In Russia, the minimum price for Sochi has decreased – to 83.3 thousand rubles, and beach programs in the Russian Baltic in the Kaliningrad region also fit into the price of up to 100 thousand – 64.5 thousand. In Crimea, by the way, prices are growing, but remain affordable – 32.4 thousand. for two, but we remind you that air traffic is closed and this price is not counting the road.

Turkey, the United Arab Emirates and Egypt fell into the next category – 100-150 thousand rubles. for a ten-day vacation with a flight. Moreover, in August, the minimum price bar in Turkey rose by 50%, mainly due to the fact that tours have been cheaper for a long time and are densely dismantled by tourists. As a result, the remaining cheapest ten-day tours to other popular and accessible beach destinations on direct or connecting flights already cost more than 150 thousand rubles. for two.

The minimum price for Egypt – from 132 thousand rubles. for two, in the UAE – about 105 thousand rubles. Exotics like Sri Lanka, Maldives and Seychelles range from 200 to 225 thousand rubles. Please note that these are minimum prices. Thailand turned out to be the most expensive – over 300 thousand rubles.

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