Named the period when prices for tours fall by half

The period when prices for tours fall by half has been named

The “pre-September pause” in 2022 remained unchanged compared to previous seasons, and all thanks to the fact that parents with school-age children leave the resorts en masse, as a result of which affordable tours in a large assortment reappear on the market, and prices are reduced due to low demand almost half. Such data was provided by ATOR experts who analyzed the minimum prices for tours with departures from August 25 to 31.

Experts note that the share of tourists with children on these dates – that is, with a holiday in early September – is sharply declining, there are only 43% of them, while in mid-August the share of family tourists reached 70%. The remaining general trends are as follows – Turkey continues to grow, from 62% to 67%, Russia – to decline, from 20% in early August to 12% at the end. Experts still attribute this to the fact that there are no more free places in the south of Russia at popular resorts, including for September. The situation is similar in Abkhazia – its share fell from 4.4% to 2.7%. But on the eve of autumn, Egypt began to grow – so far slowly, from 7% to 7.3%.

As already mentioned, prices for tours with arrivals at the end of August are reduced in almost all mass beach destinations compared to the middle of the month. The reason is that with the departure of parents with schoolchildren, places are vacated in a number of inexpensive hotels. As a result, prices for tours to Turkey fell immediately by 50%, to Abkhazia – by 34%, in Sochi – by 27%. Crimea turned out to be the leader – the price, not counting the road, fell by 51%, the hotel with breakfast will cost only 17.2 thousand – and for two. This is practically the price of May, in mid-August prices exceeded 35 thousand rubles, ATOR experts note.

However, exotics also fell in price – Thailand by 37%, Maldives by 28%, Seychelles by 30%. The reason is most likely in fluctuations in prices for air tickets – however, it is also impossible to exclude the factor of outflow of tourists. At the same time, Egypt fell in price only by 17%, and the UAE by 10%.

At the same time, only the UAE turned out to be in the category “vacation for less than 100 thousand for two” from foreign routes – the cheapest tour to Dubai to a 3 * hotel will cost 99.7 thousand rubles for two. All other foreign destinations will cost more than 100 thousand – for example, about 100-150 thousand will have to be paid for holidays in Turkey and Egypt; a tour to the Turkish “three rubles” will cost 111 thousand rubles, and to Egypt – almost 120 thousand rubles.

Domestic tours remain the cheapest. Kaliningrad, where the sea at the end of August will cost 42.6 thousand rubles; Sochi – 57.3 thousand rubles. The most affordable conditionally foreign destination – Abkhazia – offers a starting price for tours from 44.4 thousand rubles.

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