Named the reason why tourists will abandon the three most popular countries

The reason why tourists will abandon the three most popular countries

Popular European destinations, primarily Greece, Spain and France, in the medium term may be left not only without Russian tourists, but also with vacationers who come there from other countries. The heat wave that has been felt this summer and is likely to repeat next may push exhausted travelers to look for other, cooler vacation destinations. Such data follows from the Climate Perception Index, calculated by the Mabrian travel company, the results of which were reviewed by Turprom.

According to the data obtained, the weather is one of the main reasons for choosing a destination by tourists, and since critical temperatures have set in the countries listed above air, vacationers may be less interested in choosing these destinations next year.

“This means that their perception of the trip as a whole has also changed. In fact, tourists who were hit by heat during their stay at their destination show a general and significant decline in how they feel about the experience and their global perception of the trip,” the report explained.

Moreover, the decrease in satisfaction may indicate a high probability that travelers will not return to these places, also taking into account the increase in accommodation prices during the summer season.

On the other hand, the Climate Perceptions Index showed that the UK, which did not particularly attract tourists in the summer, may now become a new destination for tourists, as holidaymakers who visited the UK this summer found unconventional temperatures for this country and showed a better perception of the weather compared to data for prior year. In addition, tourists who consciously choose this island nation as a vacation spot, as a rule, know what kind of weather they can expect and therefore are not disappointed. Therefore, the climate perception index for visitors to London is likely to remain high. As a reminder, it often rains in London.

Based on data from the Climate Satisfaction Indicator, tourists currently prefer less popular destinations and less crowded holiday destinations. This is a plus for the economies of such countries – their GDP will grow as a result of the tourist flow.

However, the new trend does not mean that all vacationers will tend to the beaches of Northern Europe, but it is possible that resorts in northern France or Spain may become popular because of this trend. Likewise, hospitality companies should start considering these factors when they decide to open or where to invest.

According to the Global Climate Resilience Ranking published by Henley and Partners, only 15 countries have qualified as countries with higher climate resilience, scoring 60 or more out of a total of 100. Germany, the United Kingdom and Switzerland ranked first in this index.

“If there is any good news to be drawn from these dismal results, it is that fifteen countries have official investment migration programs that are classified as having higher or medium sustainability, providing global investors with alternative residency or citizenship options to choose from if they will end up in a less resilient region,” explained Henley and Partners CEO Jürg Steffen.

Currently, the top five countries in the Global Climate Resilience Ranking are in the northern hemisphere. The US ranked first with an overall climate resilience score of 70.6. Germany is in 2nd place with 70.3 points, the UK is in 3rd place with 69.4 points, Switzerland is in 4th place with 68.4 points and Canada is in 5th place by a small margin with a score of 68.3. Russia has an average resilience score of 57.1.

Even less surprising is that at the other end of the rankings, six sub-Saharan countries occupy the bottom five positions. The Democratic Republic of the Congo and Sudan are jointly ranked 132nd with a score of 22.0, Guinea-Bissau is 133rd with a score of 21.4, Eritrea is 134th with a score of 20.8.

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