Named the rude reason why men make planes dirtier than women

Brutal reason named why men make planes dirtier than women

Airplane toilets are far from the cleanest place, and the reason for this is passengers male. Doctors believe that men make latrines dirtier more often than women because they use them while standing, writes Stuff NZ.

Dr. Giovanni Losco, a New Zealand urologist, recommends that men sit down when they go to the bathroom in flight. The fact is that by pissing while standing, passengers increase the chances of not hitting the target, and it will be unpleasant to go there after. This is especially true for men with urological problems – a weak or not a single jet.

Some men think sitting down to write is “unmanly” and prefer to stand even if they are more likely to screw up. In this regard, the former airline pilot urged men to forget about the feeling of masculinity in certain cases and agreed that sitting is a much better option when flying.

“During a smooth flight, using the toilet in a traditional, masculine style is quite Just. It's about the same as writing in a phone booth, if that's what you're into. It's a cramped space, but it's not difficult, especially if you're tall enough to lean forward a bit and rest your forehead on the curved side of the fuselage,” the pilot noted.

However, he later added: “In the event of turbulence, the seat belt sign lights up and you should not move around the cab. However, when nature calls, we all know that it is often an urgent message and staying still is not an option. Despite the risk of appearing unmanly, it is prudent to sit on the toilet during turbulence. Otherwise, there is a high chance that everything will get out of hand, so to speak, and urine will end up everywhere, including yourself. Forget about male pride, no one sees anyway.”

Pee on the floor of an airplane is one of the main reasons why passengers are not advised to walk around the cabin without shoes. One flight attendant said, “I assure you, nine out of ten times there is no water on the floor. Toilets are often dirty and only cleaned thoroughly at the end of the route. Imagine what they look like after a 12-hour flight in which 200 people used them.

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