Named the Russian direction, where the rest is becoming more expensive at a shocking pace

The name of the Russian direction, where the cost of holidays is growing at a shocking pace

The Russian direction, where the cost of holidays is growing at a shocking pace, was fixed by the experts of the tourist market. Moreover, this is actually the only summer destination that is easily accessible “by air” – prices for holidays in Sochi have risen by 20-30% and are comparable to Turkey and Egypt. According to experts in an interview with Izvestia, a 10-day tour in 4 * with three meals a day for two costs about 220 thousand rubles on average – this is comparable to Turkish or Egyptian all inclusive.

The first reason is that the main competitor – Crimea – is rapidly losing demand due to the closed airport. Aleksan Mkrtchyan, head of the Pink Elephant travel agency network, told the publication that, according to preliminary estimates, Crimea could lose up to 3-4 million people by the end of the season. Booking tours to the peninsula fell by 50%, the expert added. Also, we recall that the rest of the southern airports are also closed.

Therefore, Sochi hoteliers, taking advantage of the “no alternative” of the resort, already last year raised prices by 40%, this year prices will soar by another 20-30%, Alexan Mkrtchyan estimated. Moreover, according to the expert, hotels 4 and 5 * will rise in price. Hotels 3* and below will not seriously raise prices.

“In 2023, a vacation for two in Sochi for ten days in a four-star hotel with three meals a day can cost 220,000 rubles. For the same amount, Russians can relax in Turkey or Egypt, and this cost includes both the flight and the all inclusive option. A vacation similar to Sochi in the United Arab Emirates can cost 180,000 rubles for two,” Yury Barzykin explained.

At the same time, Crimean hoteliers, despite the decline in tourist traffic, are in no hurry to reduce prices. “In order to attract tourists, despite the difficulties of logistics, to the Crimea, the local tourism business needs to reduce the cost of the service by 40%,” said Aleksan Mkrtchyan, however, only some hotels reduce prices, and even then during the May holidays-June, but they expect that in July -August, tourists will still go.

At the same time, in fact, there is no tool to influence hoteliers, experts add. Although the Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia, together with Rospotrebnadzor, has already sent a letter to hoteliers and travel companies stating that they should not, taking advantage of the shortage situation, increase prices for already booked rooms. There were such cases in 2022, and experts say that they violate the law, and therefore may entail civil or administrative measures. However, it is impossible to establish control over the increase in prices for hotel accommodation – state bodies do not have such powers. Which was confirmed by the FAS. “The current legislation does not provide for state regulation of prices for hotel and spa services. Business entities have the right to independently set them depending on the ratio of supply and demand,” Izvestia quotes.

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