Named the secrets of how to keep your luggage safe during the flight

The secrets of how to keep your luggage safe during the flight are named

The air chaos that reigned in European airports updated the advice of baggage handlers again, after all to keep your belongings intact under these conditions – or at least not to stay in foreign lands, not only without a bathing suit – but even without a change of underwear. Let's just say that the most reliable advice in these conditions, which was first voiced by an anonymous baggage handler who has been working in the industry for more than a decade, is to fly with hand luggage only. If only because, in his words, he had never seen such chaos during his entire work.

Recall that during the “perfect storm” that swept across European airports, a sea of ​​unsorted and unclaimed baggage paralyzes the work of sorting offices and baggage claim belts, and the few employees working there are knocked off their feet, trying to restore order. “Flights are being canceled, many at the last minute, tourists are standing in huge queues at passport control. Meanwhile, a sea of ​​unclaimed luggage has accumulated – suitcases scattered across the floor and blocking the conveyor belt for further bags from new flights, ”the tourists say. Many tourists begin to fear that they may not see their belongings again for several weeks. Read the details here.

Professional baggage handler still gave tourists some tips on how to minimize the losses associated with chaos during baggage handling:

Carry-On Baggage: As mentioned, his first piece of advice is to try to limit yourself to hand luggage only. This is not only almost the only opportunity at the moment to completely eliminate the possibility of losing your luggage. In addition, in this way, tourists will get rid of at least one queue and pandemonium – the one that currently occurs when collecting luggage.

Packing – if you can’t avoid putting your suitcase in luggage, and this is often on a family vacation, the expert advises tourists flying with their family or company to partially change clothes. That is, put a set of things for each tourist in each of the available suitcases. This will give at least some guarantee that tourists will have a change of things – even if one of the suitcases goes missing.

Photo of a suitcase – the expert advises tourists to take a photo of both the suitcase itself and its contents. Thus, airport employees will be able to help find the suitcase – and in the event of some kind of emergency with the contents, it is easier to prove an insured event.

Baggage Identification – some people say that the practice of luggage tags with names and contact details is unsafe, but in the current conditions, the luggage department staff recommends not only putting these tags on the suitcase, but also writing the name and contacts with a marker on the suitcase – on in case the tags are lost.

Four wheels – also the luggage handler advises when buying a suitcase to make life easier for him and his colleagues, choose a bag with four wheels. This format ensures the convenience of loading onto an airplane, he emphasizes.

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