Named the worst airlines in the world

World's worst airlines named< /p> “Never use them!” – so stated in a survey of the social network Reddit tourists who singled out the worst airlines in the world. Mostly “gotten” by the carriers of the “new world”, i.e. America and Canada, however, there is also a European on the list – this is Iberia Express.

The worst, however, was recognized as an airline from the USA, namely Frontier Airlines . “I would not advise anyone to fly with this airline. They got your money – that's it, they don't care about you! The fact that they delayed or canceled the flight you will only find out at the counter at the airport! And if you get on a plane – well, you are waiting for seats that cannot be folded back. And of course, no entertainment on board,” say outraged users.

American Airlines also got it – outraged users write about multiple luggage losses, as well as about the disgusting work of the call center. “Do you need to call them? Give up right away, it's hopeless,” one of the victims writes.

As for the “European”, one of the reviewers simply called Iberia Express “real hell”. “Do you want details? The airline staff checked my luggage under the name of another passenger and still had the audacity to argue with me and charge an additional fee for the carriage of a suitcase that I had already paid for when buying a ticket, ”he said.

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