New barriers: global shifts and reorientations have begun in tourism

New barriers: global shifts and reorientations have begun in tourism

New barriers have replaced the covid ones, as a result, Russian tourist flows continue to seethe and reorient, and global shifts have begun in tourism. The Russians continue to have a preference for two main directions – Russia and Turkey. Rising prices and other restrictions add to the psychological discomfort, air sanctions and problems with payment systems. Such analytics was presented in the Nezygar telegram channel.

“This year, with the removal of covid restrictions, Russians were expected to return to the previous formats of recreation. However, new barriers for international and domestic tourism have come – related to sanctions and the closure of some airports in the southern regions, rising prices and other restrictions,” the experts said. However, even before February 24, 57% of Russians were not planning a vacation outside the region, 25% were planning a vacation in one of the Russian regions, and 18% were going to vacation abroad.

Current plans after February 24 were reoriented as follows: already 69% say they will stay at home, 25% are planning a vacation in one of the regions of the country, and only 6% are still going to go abroad. Those. the main “shifted” group, which has shrunk by three times, is trips abroad. Interestingly, not only financial problems and logistics interfere with tourists.

The main factor in refusing to travel abroad is the price. However, psychological comfort is also important in the conditions of whipping up anti-Russian hysteria and sanctions. At least 33% of respondents would refuse to travel if they became aware of negative statements or actions against Russians in the country they were going to visit. At the same time, among the other factors that impede international tourism, respondents noted the need to make large transfers – it was chosen by 27%, as well as restrictions on the use of payment systems – 24%. At the same time, among those planning foreign trips, the share of those who are worried about difficulties with payment systems is significantly lower.

“While a significant number of respondents are changing their vacation plans or are in a wait-and-see position, however, the overall level of tourist activity has decreased,” also experts say. There is a tendency to the flow of the tourist audience to domestic destinations – and the finances of tourists migrate as follows: the less well-to-do more often refuse trips, the more well-to-do replace them in domestic directions. “The trend towards a general reduction in the tourist flow this year will be quite significant,” they assure. As for forecasts for next year, it is useless to give them.

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