New World War: Turkey's first military clash scares Turkey's tourism

New world war: first military clash frightened tourism in Turkey

Tourism in Turkey has been watching the escalating situation in the places of potential “tourist suppliers” with concern, and now, after the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, its attention has shifted to another part of the globe: Turkey is watching with increasing anxiety the risk of a new world war that could be provoked by the situation between China and Taiwan. The thing is that the day before there was the first “combat clash”. This is how local media called the first warning shots from the Taiwanese army at a Chinese UAV that continued its flight over the Taiwanese island of Erdan, despite all the warnings. The thing is that if the “mess” starts there, then the demand for tourist trips will instantly collapse around the world, because. tourists are simply afraid to go anywhere, which means that such a war will inevitably hit Turkish tourism.

Taiwanese media reported that the Taiwanese military's Kinmen Defense Command (DRC) detected Chinese civilian UAVs flying over the islands of Dadan, Erdan and Shi and fired flares at them. It was stated that after the shots, three Chinese UAVs headed towards the Chinese city of Xiamen.

However, another Chinese drone later entered the airspace of Erdan Island and was alerted in accordance with procedures. Since the aircraft ignored the first warning, a “warning fire” was made using live ammunition. The Taiwanese command “will remain vigilant and closely monitor the situation,” the sources added.

However, we recall that a similar state of emergency has recently occurred near Turkey, so it may “catch fire” closer. So, recently, the center of the “tense confrontation” between Turkey and Greece almost turned out to be Cyprus, beloved by Russian tourists. It has already come to aiming air defense systems at aircraft, and the media have already “dispersed the wave” about fired missiles and even a downed aircraft. Turkey intends to raise an issue with NATO over the incident on August 23, when the Greek military caught Turkish F-16 fighters “on the radar” of the Greek S-300 anti-aircraft missile systems located in Cyprus, which are Russian-made anti-aircraft missile systems. According to Greece, the fighters entered the country's airspace. According to Turkey, the F-16 fighters were flying as part of NATO missions over the Aegean Sea. Read the details at this link.

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