No money: the Russians began to massively save on vacation

There is no money: the Russians began to save massively on holidays

Russian tourists buy cheaper tours for May and generally begin to save massively on holidays. Therefore, the average check for May has decreased – from 4 to 20%, depending on the direction. Such a picture on the pages of Izvestia was presented by experts from the tourist market.

In particular, Anex Tour experts said that they spend 4% less on trips to Turkey than last year, in the UAE – by 17%, and in Russia – by 20%. Experts noted that a vacation abroad is cheaper if there is an affordable transportation on the route. As for the serious reduction in prices for tours in Russia, it was explained by the lack of cashback programs this year, due to which last season “prices were slightly inflated.”

Intourist has recorded a price reduction in Russia by 16%. Experts also noted that Egypt fell “by a couple of percent”. In “Fly. Ru” added that the price of Egypt decreased by 6%.

In figures, the prices for the main popular destinations abroad look like this:

  • Turkey — average check from 143 thousand rubles, minimum price – from 80 thousand rubles
  • Egypt — average price from 208 thousand rubles, minimum — 132 thousand rubles
  • UAE – 232 thousand rubles. Note that this is at the same level as last year. By the summer, experts predict a decrease in prices.
  • At the same time, the Maldives has risen in price by more than half, by 53%, to 386 thousand rubles.
  • The situation is the same in Sri Lanka – the price of 55% higher than 240 thousand rubles.

The main trends are somewhat predictable: Turkey became the most popular holiday destination for the May holidays, followed by Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, the countries of Southeast Asia and neighboring countries . There is an increase in demand for emerging beach destinations in the Middle East such as Oman, Qatar and Bahrain. Also on direct flights this year are Asian and Caribbean destinations – Thailand, Sri Lanka and Cuba, which spurred demand.

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