Nobody expected this: the popular country is waiting for 100 million tourists, having invested $500 billion in resorts and $35 billion in new planes

No one like that did not expect: the popular country is waiting for 100 million tourists, having invested 500 billion dollars in resorts and 35 billion in new aircraft

100 million vacationers by 2030 – the authorities of the increasingly popular Saudi Arabia, which In recent years, it has been actively developing the tourism and hospitality sector. To achieve a goal unexpected for the rest of the world, the country has invested huge amounts of money, including in aircraft and the creation of a new airline, Riyadh Airlines.

According to The Wall Street Journal, we are talking about investments in the amount of $500 billion. This money will be used to build entire resort tourist areas, including airports and skyscrapers. Probably, the state located on the Arabian Peninsula wants to compete with its neighbors, for example, the UAE, and even become one of the leaders in the field of recreation.

Another step towards this has been taken: the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman, announced the creation of a new airline, Riyadh Airlines, which will fly to 100 destinations. The carrier is expected to contribute $20 billion to Saudi Arabia's non-oil GDP growth and create more than 200,000 direct or indirect jobs.

As noted by the publication, Saudi Arabia is quite close to an agreement with aircraft giant Boeing on the issue of creating a fleet of modern aircraft equipped with the latest technology. The authorities are ready to pay $35 billion for them and include a new airline in the fleet. The agreement also covers wide-body aircraft, which are commonly used on long-haul flights.

The tourism development plan to be implemented by the kingdom has many pillars. By 2030, tourism will attract numerous projects, from the 248-meter high Jeddah Tower to the Red Sea International Airport, from the Riyadh Metro to the Riyadh Sports Boulevard, from theme parks to a luxury resort project on Sindala Island and King Salman Park.

Saudi Arabia, which for the first time this year took part in the prestigious ITB exhibition in Berlin and “pressed” the popular Turkey there (for details, see the material “ITB: Turkey's tourism was kicked out of “Europe” to the “Middle East”, but even there it was pushed aside Saudi Arabia”), proved to the international tourism sector that it takes the development of resort and recreational tourism seriously.

Information: Saudi Arabia is a desert-covered state that occupies most of the Arabian Peninsula and washed by the waters of the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf. In the homeland of Islam, there are two main sacred mosques: Masjid al-Haram in Mecca, where Muslims make the Hajj (pilgrimage) every year, and Masjid an-Nabawi in Medina – the burial place of the Prophet Muhammad. The nation's capital, Riyadh, is a huge city shaped by numerous skyscrapers.

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