Non-stop flights to a new exotic country started for Russian tourists, bypassing sanctions

Non-stop flights to a new exotic country launched for Russian tourists in circumvention of sanctions

Tour operator introduced non-stop flights for tourists to a new exotic Caribbean country Tez Tour. On its official website, the company reported that on February 20, 2023, the national carrier of the Republic of Venezuela, Conviasa Airlines, performed the first non-stop flight on the route Moscow (Vnukovo Airport) – Porlamar (Venezuela, Margarita Island). It is on the basis of this non-stop flight to this new exotic country that bypassing the sanctions, tour packages for Russian tourists have been formed.

N.B. Earlier, Turprom wrote about new tours to another country previously unknown to Russians. Read the details in the article “Biblio-Globus opened the sale of tours in a new direction.”

“The wide-body, long-haul, four-engine Airbus A340 delivered passengers to Venezuela in just over 13 hours. Conviasa's non-stop flights became possible after the development of the “northern route” to Venezuela through Murmansk and further across the North Atlantic,” the tour operator's experts explained. Also, Tez Tour added that earlier flights were operated with a stopover in Tehran (Iran), which significantly increased the travel time.

“The tour operator TEZ TOUR has guaranteed seats on Conviasa flights and sells holiday packages on the islands of Margarita and Coche, located in the southern part of the Caribbean,” the experts added.

OUR REFERENCE: Venezuela remains a very exotic product for our tourists. However, the country can offer the familiar main advantages to lovers of the “Carbian style” holidays – these are, first of all, the beautiful sandy beaches of Margarita Island and quite worthy hotels. Margarita Island, by the way, like the Dominican Republic, was discovered by Columbus – and it still bears the name given by the discoverer in honor of Margaret of Austria.

Let's also add two more pluses: for tourists from Russia, visiting Venezuela is without a visa. And the prices for long-haul destinations are quite affordable. TEZ TOUR made the following suggestions.

  • Nearest departure – March 5, 2023 for 11 nights, tours from RUB 88,090
  • Tours to SUNSOL hotels on “All inclusive”: SUNSOL ECOLAND 4 * from 111,322 rubles. and SUNSOL ISLA CARIBE 4 * from RUB 103,297

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