Nordwind changed to Southwind in Pegasus flight board

Nordwind was changed to Southwind on the Pegasus flight board

On August 13, the first flight of the airline created to transport Russians to the sea in Turkey took place. Instead of the Nordwind carrier familiar to Russian tourists, Southwind was highlighted on the scoreboard. However, both airlines are owned by tour operator Pegas Touristik. The latter was created exclusively to transport the Russian tourist flow to Turkish resorts. The Russian flight crew, who previously flew with Nordwind Airlines, actually moved to Southwind Airlines
, a Turkish jurisdiction to circumvent sanctions.

The Pegas tour operator announced the departures literally the day before, so both travelers and travel agents were worried about whether the departure would take place. Here is what the travel agent of the Yandex.Zen channel wrote: “The first flight from Russia to Antalya took off today, August 13, from Permis airport almost 30 minutes late, the departure time was 01:15. Flight 2S 1826. But, thank God, it took off! And safely reached Antalya!”

Charter flights connected a number of Russian cities with Antalya, the main resort province of Turkey. The new airline operates Airbus A321 aircraft. “All the planes of the South Wind are Airbuses, A321, today there are 4 of them. These are the former Russian sides of the North Wind (3 – exactly!), Which were transported to Turkey in the spring, repainted, re-registered under Turkish jurisdiction. The staff (pilots, flight attendants) is all ours, Russian. And most importantly, the Federal Air Transport Agency seems to have agreed on flight slots. Everything was done quite rapidly, on the Pegasus flight board either there was Nordwind, then it was removed, then it was changed to Southwind. Travel agents went crazy… how to book Russians for flights that are not known to fly or not?”, — the author noted.

On August 13, a day flight from St. August – night flights to the Mediterranean Sea from Yekaterinburg (board 2S 1714) and Novosibirsk (board 2S 1126).

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