Not a foot in this boredom anymore: a tourist called a popular country boring because she can’t walk there in a bikini

No more in this boredom: tourist called a popular country boring for not being able to walk there in a bikini

A foreign tourist criticized Australia, which is popular among travelers, calling it boring and “retired”, and decided that she would not go there again. According to her, no one there wants to have fun, and she herself cannot even walk freely in a bikini. She recorded her displeasure on a video, which she later posted on her TikTok account.

The British traveler said that she lived in the coastal city of the Sunshine Coast, located in the southeast of the Australian state of Queensland, and after some time she realized that she could only dream of a fun nightlife in a popular area, because. all local establishments close by 20:00 pm, there are no “beach bars” at all, and “after 19:00 pm you cannot eat out.” The woman also lamented that the resort does not have “boat trips on the high seas.” The last straw that fell into the abyss of her discontent was that in the city “it is unacceptable to walk in a bikini.”

However, not all people shared the pain of her complaints. Here are the comments of local residents in response to the author's statement. For example, one suggested that she not wait and leave from there: “Well, goodbye, thanks for stopping by.” Another wrote: “Where? On the Sunshine Coast? I grew up there and bikinis and thongs were absolutely legal there.” A third added: “I have lived here all my life. Most people drink during the day, go to the beach and go absolutely everywhere in a bikini and without shoes along the coast.

But there were some commentators who seemed to agree with the British woman's complaints about the Sunshine Coast. “Lol, retirement center,” one traveler commented, while another joked that “the biggest danger there is getting hit by a baby carriage,” referring to the categories of vacationers and zero adrenaline during the holidays.

Help: Australia's Sunshine Coast is located in South Queensland and includes beach resorts, surf spots and rural areas. The Sunshine Coast, which stretches for more than 60 km, has white sand beaches and national parks, which is why tourists from all over the world seek to get there. According to World Population Review statistics, over 20% of the Sunshine Coast's population was born overseas. The area is very popular with travelers looking for stunning beaches and surfing opportunities.

Visitors can also visit several national parks such as Mapleton Falls, Condadilla and the Glass House Mountains. Glass House Mountain Park is often called the most unusual, there are several trails that wind through the dense forest. In addition, experts advise visiting the city of Melbourne, which, according to specialist William Russell, is the friendliest city in the world. The region is known as the coffee capital of Australia and is one of the country's top tourist destinations. It is known for its vibrant nightlife and might be the best choice for a disgruntled British tourist. On the other hand, tourists who intend to fly to Australia may be shocked by the cost of renting accommodation.

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