Not everyone will now receive the right to fly abroad: Russia introduces new requirements

Now not everyone will get the right to fly abroad: Russia introduces new requirements

The number of “operated domestic routes” will become one of the main criteria for the admission of Russian airlines to foreign flights. Such changes were made by the Interdepartmental Commission under the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation to the rules for the admission of airlines to operate flights abroad, which are in force during the period of restriction of international air traffic. As a result, the volume of transportation of airlines-applicants on domestic routes will become a new criterion for making a decision on issuing an admission.

“The measure is aimed at fulfilling the instructions of President Vladimir Putin to transport at least 100 million passengers in 2022,” the Federal Air Transport Agency assured. They also added that the volume of traffic for the previous month should be estimated. It will be evaluated by a special commission.

“Temporary rules for the admission of airlines to operate international flights were approved at the end of March, after the introduction of anti-Russian sanctions due to the military operation in Ukraine. According to these rules, the commission can decide on the temporary transfer of permits from one carrier to another at extraordinary meetings,” the Federal Air Transport Agency added.

So now the following set of criteria will be taken into account for the admission of an air carrier to flights abroad:

  • total number of aircraft in the fleet, including those registered in the Russian Federation and owned by Russian companies,
  • flight frequency in January 2022, December and November 2021, < /li>
  • number of operated domestic routes,
  • number of warnings and instructions for unresolved violations of flight safety and transport security requirements.

“Temporary clearance is issued for three months with the possibility of automatic renewal. If flights are not performed within three weeks from the date of receipt, the permit is canceled and can be transferred to other airlines,” the Federal Air Transport Agency also added.

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