Not having time to open, the popular resort of Turkey announced the extension of the tourist season

Before opening, the popular resort of Turkey announced the extension of the tourist season

Already at the very beginning of the tourist season 2023, the authorities of the popular resort of Turkey – Marmaris – announced the extension tourist season until November 20. The announcement was made as soon as the resort opened, some “minor technical work” is ongoing, the resort will be fully ready by May. At the same time, the mayor of the city of Marmaris Mehmet Oktay, as quoted by the Turkish press, said that the first planes arrived at the resort on March 17.

As the mayor of the resort said, Marmaris plans to receive more than 2 million tourists this summer. Moreover, about 1.8 million will arrive through the Dalaman airport, the rest – through land and sea routes. “Most of the tourists will come from abroad, and our country will receive foreign currency,” Mr. Oktay emphasized.

He added that the resort has “largely completed the preparations.” “We will be fully prepared by May. Our first flights started on March 17, we received tourists from England and Iran. It can be said that the summer season in Marmaris has begun and it will continue to grow from May,” the mayor said.

Further, Mr. Oktay announced the extension of the season. “Last year, our season lasted until November 14 – we were pleased to note that the negative consequences of fires no longer affect the demand for the resort. This year we plan to extend the season until November 20,” said the mayor of Marmaris. True, he noted that in November the resort is mainly attractive for local tourists.

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