One tourist died, dozens were injured: a storm of unprecedented power hit the Mediterranean resort

One tourist was killed, dozens were injured: a storm of unprecedented power hit the Mediterranean resort

The strongest storm and gale-force wind, not at all typical for the middle August, which struck the Spanish resort region of Valencia last weekend, caused the death of one tourist, and dozens more were injured. All the victims were at the Medusa Circus of Madness dance music festival on Cullera Beach, about 50 kilometers south of Valencia.

According to local media, the incident happened in the early morning, almost at night, when the nightlife of the festival was in full swing – around 4:00 am. The festival was hit by a powerful storm and rain, which caused the collapse of part of the stage, as well as some large structures that were the entrance to the festival.

According to the organizers, about 320 thousand people were supposed to attend the festival. With so many casualties, there were no casualties. One person died – a 20-year-old tourist, on whom parts of the stage collapsed. Also, three victims were hospitalized with multiple injuries. According to the latest estimates of the health authorities, the total number of victims has reached 40 people.

According to eyewitnesses, the natural disaster broke out suddenly. Storms and strong winds in August are rare in this region.

Meanwhile, in another region of the Mediterranean, tourists are languishing in the heat, unable to cool off in the sea. In Antalya, the temperature of sea water in the resorts of Turkey exceeded the air temperature and reached +31°C. At the same time, the thermometer, which measures the values ​​in the air, confidently stays at +30°C. In the week from August 15 to 21, weather forecasters warned of an increase in air temperature to +33°C, which will occur closer to the weekend. From Monday to Friday, the heat will remain during the day: +30°C. At night – not less than 26 ° C. In the next 10 days, a slight decrease in sea water temperature in Antalya is expected – up to +29.4°C. Read the details here.

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