Opened hotel with a zero star without walls and ceiling

Zero-star hotel without walls and ceiling opens

The first zero-star hotel without a single wall and ceiling has opened in Switzerland. Now there will be no such complaints from tourists as “it was very noisy in my room” or “I didn’t get enough sleep because they prevented me from sleeping.” the concept of an unusual hotel is that the guest does not sleep, but imbued with eternal questions. According to the Swiss media, the idea was implemented by the Riklin brothers.

What a 0* hotel room is like shocks travelers who are used to peace and comfort. This is a hotel room with a double bed, two bedside tables and a night lamp without walls and ceiling. In addition, this “room” is located next to a gas station in the village of Cylon in the province of Valais (southern Switzerland).

The aim of the project is to encourage hotel guests to think about the problems of the world and behave in to another. If, by some miracle, vacationers manage to fall asleep, they will be awakened in the middle of the night to talk about issues such as the climate crisis, war, and the damage caused to the planet by mankind. “In general, now is not the time to sleep,” the publications quoted the owner of a strange hotel.

The project, developed in collaboration with hotelier Daniel Charbonnier, has three more rooms in more idyllic premises. The co-owner of the hotel also emphasized that the point is not that tourists come to sleep: “The main thing is to think about the current state of the world. Staying here means being in touch with the urgent need for change in society.”

The cost of one night in a room in which you can stay from July 1 to September 18 is 325 Swiss francs, i.е. 18’100 rubles. Breakfast is included in the price.

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