Order Germany-Russia-Britain has changed: Turkish tourists are surprised by Russian tourists

The Germany-Russia-Britain order has changed: Turkey is surprised by Russian tourists

Russia and Germany continue to compete for the “leading position” in the number of tourists in Turkey. Not only in Antalya, Russian and German tourists go “side by side” – “primacy” goes to one or another country with a margin of literally a couple of thousand people. And with the beginning of the autumn season, Istanbul also entered the “competition”, and Russian tourists have already risen to the first place there.

As reported in the Turkish tourism media, in just 10 months of this year, the number of foreign tourists in Istanbul amounted to 13 million 372 thousand 526 people. During the same period, the number of visitors to Antalya amounted to 12 million 743 thousand 295 people.

Also, according to their statement, Istanbul as a whole surpassed Antalya in terms of the number of Russians who visited it – including, probably, due to the relocation “. In Istanbul, the share of domestic tourists was 34%, while in Antalya – 31%.

Another destination that is slightly behind Russia and Germany, but confidently takes third place is the UK. “The number of tourists from the UK coming to Antalya is growing exponentially,” the Turks noted. They counted 2.3 million people who arrived from there – and they are very much counting on sales in 2023.

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