Overweight plus size tourists reported the most comfortable type of tour for them

Overweight tourists report the most comfortable type of tour for them

Obese tourists prefer cruises over air travel, because . traveling in spacious cabins, they do not worry about social condemnation, do not listen to insults and do not worry that the chairs will not support their weight.

According to the Dailystar, both celebrities and regular travelers are speaking out in favor of cruises. According to them, they feel more comfortable on the ships, and not in the cramped conditions of the aircraft, where they are sometimes “humiliated” because of their size.

So, 31-year-old Brittany Bloomfield, who has thousands of followers on Instagram (banned in Russia), was pleasantly surprised when she boarded the Disney Cruise Line's Fantasy cruise ship to take a sea voyage in the Caribbean. She said that, unlike other resorts, she was supported by metal chairs. There were plenty of seats on the ship without armrests, and the bathrooms provided plenty of space. “I wanted to see all these tropical places, and it just seemed to me that I would never be able to get on a plane and cross the ocean during these long flights. I felt that it changed my life,” shared the tourist. However, she did say she wished some of the pools had stairs instead of stepladders, although vacationers can request a lift into the water from customer service.

According to another traveler, cruises are truly “the best way to travel” for tourists of large sizes. He claimed that more than once he had to buy an extra seat on flights, otherwise passengers would look at him “somehow strange.” Then he discovered cruise tours, managed to visit five already and does not plan to stop.

Another advantage for overweight travelers on cruises is spacious cabins with equally spacious lavatories that don't feel like they're unsuitable for larger people and there's plenty of room to turn around.

B At the same time, obese travelers note a shortage of sightseeing tours for people like them, because. some have weight restrictions. As a rule, this applies to entertainment aimed at getting thrills. For example, this is a zipline – a descent using gravity forces on a steel rope, off the ground, through the air.

In general, happy travelers praised the availability of cruises and shared some tips with other people with a large physique. For example, inform the cruise company in advance about your dimensions and ask for recommendations on cabins for convenient accommodation and mobility. In this case, the trip on the water promises to be successful.

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