Passenger who survived the plane crash spoke about the horror in the cabin

Passenger who survived the plane crash spoke about the horror in the cabin

“I was sure that we were falling and now we would crash into the ground. There was a clear panic in the cabin, passengers were sick, ”a passenger on a Qatar Airways flight that flew from Doha to Copenhagen a month ago told the Daily Mail. Then the liner fell sharply into the air pocket immediately after takeoff, and this failure was very deep and could well end in disaster, but then the pilots were able to gain altitude again and successfully completed the route. What was the true reason for such a fall – the tourists were never explained.

“I worked as an air traffic controller for 20 years and accidentally flew this QR161 flight from Doha to Copenhagen on January 10th at 2am. Therefore, I understood what was happening, ”said tourist Lukas Anderson. According to Flightradar24, the plane first gained an altitude of 560 meters and in some 17 seconds immediately after takeoff dropped to 260. , – says the shocked tourist. He claims that he himself traveled with his family and two children, 11 and 9 years old, so he had to maintain a confident look, which was not easy for him.

“Everyone definitely understood: something was happening, people were shouting all over the cabin, a couple of people even vomited in front of our eyes. My youngest son next to me was terrified, and so was I, so I had to remain calm for his sake. But it definitely occurred to me … that's all, we're finished, we're falling. Working in the aviation industry, I know how critical the departure stage is, and to descend at such a high speed at such an altitude – I was horrified, as if we were diving towards the ground, ”the expert said. At the same time, the plane took off completely normally …

Fortunately, “after a terrifying descent”, the fully loaded plane still began to climb again. “Several people asked the flight attendants what was the reason, but there was no explanation. This really surprised and upset us – no comments from the pilots and crew members. The flight attendants simply stated that we were flying in some unforeseen weather. Most likely, they didn’t know what happened either, and were just trying to calm people down,” the eyewitness added.

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