Passengers began to be weighed at check-in for a flight, everyone is in shock

Passengers started to be weighed at check-in, everyone is in shock

A video appeared on the network, filmed at one of the US airports, where a passenger is weighed at check-in for a flight. The entry was posted on TikTok by an eyewitness to the events, Lillian Wessel, noting that everyone present was in shock.

Usually, passengers make sure that their luggage and hand luggage do not exceed the weight limit set by the airline. But it turned out that the weight of the person himself can interfere with boarding the plane. Tiktoker Lilian Wessel filmed how, when registering for a flight to the United States, everyone was asked to first stand on the scales for admission to the flight.

The girl explained that the flight was made by an extremely small aircraft, so attention to the weight load and possible overload was especially intense. “This is a tiny plane, so they needed to know our weight before takeoff for safety reasons,” Lillian wrote.

The video has amassed over 1.6 million views and shocked viewers. One user wrote: “This is not normal.” But there were also those who have already encountered weighing at the airport. “Once I saw a very heavy man being taken off my flight and he was crying. Sadly, it was a 16-seat aircraft. He couldn’t fly,” said a TikTok user. And another added: “I was flying home from the Philippines and they weighed me. I've never felt so ashamed in my life.”

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