Passports of Russians can now be confiscated right at the border

Russian passports can now be confiscated right at the border

Passports of Russians will be taken into account and withdrawn if they are declared invalid, including right at the border. At the same time, both the owners of “secret data” and other categories, such as conscripts or bankrupts, were included in the number of citizens at risk. This information was provided by Vedomosti, which published information that the State Duma in the third, final reading adopted amendments to the law “On the procedure for leaving the Russian Federation and entering the Russian Federation” with a single list of grounds for invalidating international passports and the reasons for their withdrawal from Russian citizens .

In general, a passport can be invalidated in case of its loss, change of full name, gender or other personal information, death of the owner, termination of Russian citizenship, unsuitability of the passport or its issue on counterfeit or invalid documents. However, according to the amendments, a foreign passport is subject to seizure from a citizen of the Russian Federation if he concludes an employment contract with an organization that provides access to information of special importance or state secrets. Also, foreign passports will have to be deposited with the migration department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs or the MFC, subject to conscription for military service, who have received a summons from the military enlistment office, and within five working days from the date the decision to restrict the right to leave the Russian Federation is brought to them. Documents will be kept “until the expiration of the restriction of the right of a citizen of the Russian Federation to leave the Russian Federation or the expiration of their validity.”

Also, the same amendments established the procedure for the seizure of passports from those suspected or accused of criminal offenses, from those declared bankrupt, as well as from citizens who evade the fulfillment of obligations imposed by the court. Their documents are subject to seizure by the court, investigative bodies of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation or other law enforcement agencies. We add that the adopted law provides for the maintenance of federal records, including invalid passports. As a result, invalid passports will be subject to withdrawal, including directly “on the road”, which can be challenged.

By the way, in some cases, a Russian passport may also be recognized as invalid, which may restrict travel abroad to countries The CIS, where you can enter with a Russian passport – and these are, for example, Armenia and Belarus, popular with “relocators”.

“Restrictions for recruits will work in a duplicate format: if for some reason the recruit If they didn’t restrict travel abroad, then he still won’t be able to leave the Russian Federation due to the invalidity of his passport,” Vadim Egulemov added to Vedomosti. Read: “Nutritionist reveals why you should never skip breakfast while losing weight.”

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