Pattaya flooded, the rest of Thailand is preparing for the same fate

Pattaya flooded, the rest of Thailand is preparing for the same fate

The rainy season in Thailand started with a flood in the resort of Pattaya: popular tourist areas were also flooded there. The rest of Thailand is preparing for the same fate – a riot of elements is expected at least until the end of May.

According to the Thai press, heavy rain that covered the resort of Pattaya lasted about an hour and was accompanied by strong winds. As a result, all flood-prone areas such as Sukhumvit Road, South Pattaya Road, Pattaya Beach Road and others were affected in the resort. The level of flooding in some areas reached a height of 30 centimeters to one meter. True, as the media add, the flood was dealt with relatively quickly, thanks to the installation of larger drains, which turned out to be more effective in draining water.

“The rest of you get ready,” was almost exactly what the Thai Meteorological Department commanded. Heavy rains and strong winds are expected in several regions due to the influence of the southwest monsoon sweeping the Andaman Sea, Thailand and the Gulf of Thailand. Bad weather will affect 50 provinces, including Bangkok and resorts. The risk of heavy rains remains until at least May 30.

Tourists and local residents are once again reminded to beware of the danger posed by thunderstorms and strong winds, and to take care of their health due to changing weather conditions. In addition, it is not recommended to take risks on the coast and pay attention to all the warning signs: in the Andaman Sea, a wave height of 1-2 meters is expected, and in the Gulf of Thailand, a wave height of 1-2 meters is also expected. Tourists are highly advised to be careful, including preferably not to go to the beaches during thunderstorms and rains.

The long-term forecast is also not very encouraging. The rainy season continues “according to the schedule” and at least in the southern regions of the country “shower danger” will continue until October. Or even until January of next year.

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