Pegasus launches tours to neighboring visa-free country

Pegasus launches tours to a neighboring visa-free country

Tours to the neighboring country of Russia – Azerbaijan, to the famous resort of Naftalan, the Pegasus tour operator announced. The specifics of the tours, as the tour operator said, will be a direct flight from Moscow to Ganja (on the wings of Utair), tours from the regions with a transfer in Moscow are also offered. As Pegas experts explained, the road to the Naftalan sanatoriums will take only 30 minutes, while a regular transfer from Baku takes 4 hours.

Tourists are offered many famous resort complexes – such as Garabag Resort & SPA, Chinar Hotel & SPA and Naftalan Hotel Qashalti. The cost of tours starts from 102 thousand rubles.

OUR REFERENCE: Naftalan is one of the most famous resorts in Azerbaijan, famous primarily for its unique “healing oil”, naftalan itself, which has many healing properties. Diseases of the musculoskeletal system are treated here – there is even a museum of crutches left as unnecessary – skin diseases, diseases of the peripheral nervous system and others. Some hotels also offer spa programs.

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