Pegasus made a statement about the opening of a summer program in a popular country, and this is not Turkey

Pegasus made a statement about opening a summer program in a popular country, and this is not Turkey

The Pegas tour operator made a statement on the opening of the summer flight program to Armenia. According to a statement on its official website, the tour operator will offer tourists guaranteed blocks of seats on the flights of the Armenian carrier Armenian Airlines from 4 cities, as well as regular season tours from another 12 cities of Russia. In addition to tours with the possibility of booking excursions, the program includes multi-day sightseeing tours, as well as a route from Armenia to Georgia.

The details from Pegasus are as follows: the program is announced for the period from March 26 to October 28, 2023. Tourists are offered guaranteed blocks of seats on Armenian Airlines from four cities:

  1. Moscow,
  2. Sochi,
  3. Samara,
  4. Vladikavkaz.

Tourists can also book tours on GDS, i.e. on regular flights from 12 cities. Pegasus listed the following flights

  • from Ekaterinburg on 28.03.23-28.10.23 on Tuesdays and Saturdays (Aeroflot, Red Wings, Fly One, Shirak Avia);
  • < li>From Kazan 30.03.23-26.10.2023 on Thursdays (a/c Red Wings);

  • From Makhachkala 02.03.23-26.10.23 on Thursdays and Sundays (a/c Azimuth);
  • from Mineralnye Vody 26.03.23-28.10.23 daily (Aeroflot, Azimut, Red Wings, Fly One);
  • from Nizhny Novgorod 19.02.23-25.10.23 on Wednesdays and Sundays (air to Red Wings);
  • from Perm 29.03.23-25.10.23 on Wednesdays (airline Shirak Avia);
  • from Samara 26.03.23-26.10.2023 on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays (airline Red Wings, Fly One);
  • from St. Petersburg 26.03.23-28.10.23 daily (a/k UTair, Aeroflot, Fly One);
  • < li> from Surgut year-round on Saturdays (a/c UTair);

  • from Tyumen all year round on Sundays (airline UTair);
  • from Ufa 03.04.23-23.10.23 on Mondays (a/k Azimut);
  • from Chelyabinsk 25.03.23- 10/28/23 on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays (a/k Red Wings).

Prices for short sightseeing tours – for 2-3 nights start, according to the site from 60 thousand per 2 for 2 nights. Tourists are given the opportunity to book excursions in the “Additional Services” section as part of the package, as well as multi-day excursion tours, including the wine tour “Ararat and Grapes”, which will be offered to tourists from April 1 to September 30.

Also, “Pegasus” offers tourists a two-day excursion tour to Georgia from Yerevan. During the tour, tourists will visit the city of Mtskheta, ancient Georgian monasteries, a winery, as well as the town of Sighnaghi, associated with the famous legend about the artist in love and a million scarlet roses.

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