Pegasus published the procedure for canceling tours of mobilized tourists

Pegasus published the procedure for canceling tours of mobilized tourists

The procedure for mobilized tourists and what the tour operator is ready to offer them was presented on its official website by the Pegas Touristik company. The tour operator presented a list of documents by which a tourist can confirm the fact of his mobilization, and also promised, if possible, “to return the funds in full as soon as possible”

“In accordance with the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation of September 21, 2022 No. No. 647 “On the announcement of partial mobilization in the Russian Federation”, the tour operator Pegas Touristik takes all necessary actions to protect the interests of our tourists as much as possible, providing them with assistance and support. Tourists called up for military service as part of partial mobilization, as well as members of their families as part of a tour package, who have booked tours before 10:00 09/21/2022, have the right to replace a tourist on a tour or apply for an involuntary refund at the place where the tour package was purchased. , – Pegasus experts said.

Among the documents with which a tourist can confirm the receipt of a subpoena – which will become the basis for the return of the full cost of the tour, the tour operator listed the following:

  • subpoena ,
  • mobilization order,
  • certificate from the military enlistment office,
  • other supporting documents for family members – presentation of documents confirming kinship

“Application for replacement of a tourist in a package or minimization of expenses and refund for a canceled tour must be sent in the prescribed manner to the Tour Operator under the contract. When providing the necessary documents confirming the fact of mobilization for military service, we strive to fully remove the actual costs incurred in order to return the funds in full as soon as possible, ”Pegas representatives also said. They noted that at the moment each cancellation case is considered on an individual basis.

Recall that earlier Rostourism recommended tour operators and hotels to meet tourists as much as possible in the current conditions of partial mobilization and answered questions about it. The main question of tourists was this – if a tourist who has bought a tour in Russia or abroad received a summons – how can he return the money for this tour. The algorithm of actions, voiced by Zarina Doguzova, is as follows:

You need to contact your tour operator or travel agent at the place where you purchased the tour. This can be done in person or through a representative, which may be a relative or the person with whom the trip was planned. When applying, you must present a copy of the received summons. Further, in agreement with the tour operator, the tourist can make one of the following decisions:

  • reissue the trip to another person (tour or place of the mobilized tourist in the group tour);
  • change the composition of the tour participants , canceling the trip of a citizen called up for military service as part of partial mobilization;
  • cancel the tour completely for all participants.

Depending on this, settlements with the tourist will be made. Read more at this link.

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