People pee on the floor all the time: the flight attendant explained how to go to the toilet on board

People pee on the floor all the time: the flight attendant explained how to use the toilet on board

Using the toilet on a plane is a test, an anonymous flight attendant said on a Reddit forum. Despite the fact that many airlines have tightened cleaning rules since the coronavirus pandemic, according to a crew member, some parts of the toilet always remain in a “disgusting state”. Even worse, many passengers unknowingly end up in the dirtiest places on the plane and can pick up a bunch of germs, so it's important to go to the toilet in shoes, not barefoot.

Wearing shoes on board is mandatory, the airline spokeswoman warned. “Cleaning is very fast and the toilets are just quick vacuuming and lightly wiping the surfaces to make them look and smell clean. However, airplane bathrooms are disgusting and you should never go there without shoes,” she warned.

People are constantly pissing on the floor. Even if the puddles on the floor in the toilet were quickly wiped out, there were probably germs that were not visible to the naked eye, the flight attendant added. Data from the Travel Update service confirms this. After an accident with missed urination, the toilet floor dries out quickly, leaving behind billions of bacteria. “The air comes to you from the outside, and at high altitudes it contains very little moisture. Therefore, any liquid that enters any place on the aircraft dries out fairly quickly. Now consider the variety of people who use airplane toilets. Spills on toilet floors will evaporate leaving no residue to the naked eye. But you can be sure that your socked foot is doing the cleaning job for them and wiping it pretty well. Then you put that foot back into your boot and keep the memory of your flight forever,” said the representative of the service.

In addition to the floor in the toilet, there are other dirty places on the plane – these are ordinary airplane seats, or rather, his pockets. According to the flight attendant, who has more than six years of experience, passengers “should never use or put anything in a seat pocket.” The reason is purely hygiene. “I always recommend never, never, never, never use or put anything in your seat pocket. They are cleared of debris, but never cleaned. Dirty wipes, medicine bags, panties, socks, chewing gum, half-eaten candy, apple cores, and then on the next flight you go and put your phone, laptop or iPad in there, ”she said.

Although In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, cleaning measures have been stepped up, just a few months before it hit, a study by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) found that seat pockets were the second most contaminated by bacteria. The report claimed that there were traces of E. coli in the pockets. The most likely source of contamination was faeces. And here is where the researchers found the largest number of bacteria and which place turned out to be the dirtiest on board the aircraft (most tourists come into contact with it), read the material at this link.

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