People saw in the tracks behind the planes a terrible picture of a conspiracy

People saw a terrible picture of a conspiracy in the traces behind the planes

“Conspiracy theories” about the composition of traces in the form of white stripes remaining in the sky behind the planes, are forced to debunk aviation experts. According to The Sun, “some people” are convinced of the existence of a “terrible conspiracy”, and consider the tracks from the planes – chemical traces that, among other things, can negatively affect people or the weather – and even spread viruses.

< p> However, the explanation for the appearance of white stripes is very simple: they mainly consist of water in the form of ice crystals – experts say. Contrails are formed when water vapor generated during the combustion of fuel in aircraft engines enters the low atmospheric temperatures characteristic of the high altitudes where aircraft fly.

By the way, experts add, this is easy to verify, knowing that such a trace behind the aircraft does not always remain. Where the air is very dry, ice crystals quickly change from solid to gaseous and become invisible. If the air is humid, the “cloud” created by the aircraft will remain where it is for some time and even “spread”, condensing moisture – this explains the fact that after some time the trail from the aircraft becomes more “fluffy”.

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