Phuket crossed out Russia

Phuket crossed out Russia

In May, the Thai resort island of Phuket noted a sharp increase in the number of tourists after the removal of almost all covid restrictions. However, Russian tourists are actually deleted from this list, although back in January they were in the majority. The reason for this is primarily “air sanctions” that stopped the supply of tourists.

In general, Phuket is optimistic about the situation and is developing plans to attract 3.5 million foreign tourists by the fourth quarter of this year. As of May 1, the number of foreign tourists has increased to 3,000-5,000 per day, according to a statement from the Phuket Tourism Association. During the sandbox period, this number was 400-500 per day and 2500 per day under Test & go. That is, entry facilitation works.

But the leading markets have changed a lot. Most foreign tourists this month arrive in India, an average of 1,000 people a day. Australia follows with an example of 10,000 Australian tourists visiting Phuket in April. Other top markets for Phuket were the UK, Singapore, Malaysia and Saudi Arabia. Russia, which ranked first in January, has disappeared from the list. China, which was also among the main markets before covid, is not mentioned at all.

But in general, the tourism industry remains optimistic and confident that fears about the virus situation should no longer be a serious concern. “Tourism is optimistic about the future and expects that this year the island can potentially attract 3.5 million foreigners,” Phuket assures.

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