Pickpockets are swarming: the most dangerous places for tourists are named

Pickpockets are swarming: the most dangerous places for tourists have been named

The most dangerous places where a tourist can easily part with his wallet, presented by British experts. The rating was compiled by the Student Universe association, posting it in all popular social networks. Among the most dangerous cities were Barcelona, ​​Paris and Rome, and the places where pickpockets are teeming are named and these are popular attractions. Vice President of StudentUniverse, Sam Willan, in an interview with the British Express, not only named several key areas where vacationers should be especially careful, but also gave advice to tourists on how to protect themselves.

“While theft can happen anywhere in the world, some places need to be more careful than others. Big cities that are popular tourist destinations tend to be popular places for pickpockets – think of Barcelona, ​​Paris and Rome,” the expert said. He also named the main leaders of the rating, where tourists come across pickpockets much more often than others – including the famous Barcelona Las Ramblas and the Sagrada Familia Cathedral in the same place. In France, the risk zone is expected to be the Eiffel Tower, Sacré Coeur, Louvre and Notre Dame de Paris, in Rome – the Trevi Fountain and the Colosseum. Tourists were also urged to “be especially careful” in Buenos Aires, Hanoi and Bangkok.

“But remember, it's important not to relax, no matter where you are. Particular care must be taken in places with heavy traffic and crowds of people, such as train or bus stations, busy tourist attractions, markets and shopping centers, ”Willan voiced such first advice, telling tourists how to keep themselves safe. He also advises choosing the right bag – carrying a bag over your shoulder or behind your back, and putting things in your pocket is a bad plan. The bag should be fastened with all zippers and always be supervised.

Another piece of advice given by a British expert – by the way, useful for domestic tourists who like to “put on their best at once”. It is generally not worn in popular tourist places and generally on vacation jewelry and expensive items. They not only hint that the tourist has something to profit from in his pockets, but can also become an excuse for the worst crime.

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